At the Referendum for Scottish Independence in 2014 all the Unionist Political parties, the UK Government, the UK civil service (unconstitutionally), the UK establishment and 95% of the media, including the ‘neutral’ BBC used the ‘currency’ issue to attack independence supporters.This campaign, like all ‘project fear’ attacks was based on deception and misrepresentation and depended for its success on mass ignorance of the real basis of the subject. There can be no doubt that the anti-independence camp were successful in this aspect of the campaign and that their deception and misrepresentation was very effective. This book was written to address this issue. To challenge the stance adopted by the SNP Government last time and to expose the distortions and misrepresentations of the Anti-Independence campaign. This wee book explains in clear terms what the situation is facing an independent Scotland as far as currency is concerned and how this situation offers Scotland a great opportunity